Smart TV: Features You Must Know Before Buying One

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Nowadays, televisions aren’t only viewing electronic devices. In fact, with the help of technological advancements, smart TVs are easily made accessible. Just as the name indicates, smart TV is not an ordinary TV showing normal programs. There are numerous features that a smart TV offers and we couldn’t have imaged many of them before they were out.

If you are looking forward to buy a smart TV, there are some of the features which you must know beforehand. Here is a small guide to help you with it. Go through the features mentioned below and you will understand what an amazing device a smart TV is…

Striking features of a smart TV

Extra Accessories

There are many accessories accompanying a Sony smart TV, like gaming remotes or 3D glasses. Some smart TVs even come with more than 1 pair of 3D glasses. This proves very helpful in case you lose one or damage one.

Multiple Command

Gone are the days when you could only operate and control a TV with a remote controller. Smart TVs can be controlled in many other ways along with the controller. You can simply sit back and use your voice to control the TV. Voice Search feature of the smart TV will help you find anything you want by just talking. Also, along with your voice, you can command a smart TV with hand gestures. These multiple command features make things a lot easier, especially when you aren’t able to find the controller or have lost one.

A bigger and better screen

With the help of Chromecast, you can cast your videos, photos, games and even applications from the mobile phone to TV screen. Use your mobile or computer as a remote and access videos from Netflix, Google, YouTube, ESPN, etc. directly on your TV screen.

Designed for Netflix

There are many Smart TV models which are specifically recommended for Netflix. A Netflix recommended TC will ensure high performance, easy app access and other cutting-edge features.

IR Blaster

With an IR blaster, you can control your TV as well as DTH box with a single remote. This means you need not to use two remotes.

Camera feature

This is one of the best features of a smart TV. You can easily record your memorable moments with your TV camera. A USB drive is connected with the TV and all your recorded photos and videos will be stored on it. Also, you can take a selfie with your TV camera.

Life-sized video calls

With a Smart TV, now you can bring your family and friends closer. Designed to give an amazing and best possible television video calling experience, life size video calling is just like being there. With the help of Tellybean app, you can connect your smart TV with internet or mobile and start a video call.

Exclusive screen

It is high time now that we get rid of those large frames surrounding televisions. Smart TVs are technologically up to date and thereby come with a thin screen. Nevertheless, this thin screen reflects amazing colors and crystal-clear clarity.

So, there you go. You now know enough about smart TVs and thus are ready to buy a good one. Lastly, don’t forget to compare prices and TV models using a good product comparison website like After all, comparing product features and prices is how smart shoppers get good deals.