Choose the Right Air Conditioner Units to Get the Right Cooling Effect during Summers

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Summers are just around the corner and this is the best time to install an air conditioner for your home or office. Air conditioners consist of two basic units namely the indoor and the outdoor unit.

Overview of Indoor and Outdoor Units

Indoor units consist of a coil box. The coil box consists of the evaporator that allows the refrigerant to absorb heat. In simple words, the refrigerant turns the water into vapour. Outdoor units on the other hand, consist of a coil, compressor and a fan. The hot air that is inhaled by your air conditioner gets expelled to the outdoor unit.

The compressor helps to move the refrigerant that is compressed to a high pressure through the condenser. The fan helps to cool the air from the condenser.

Installing the right units is very crucial. If these are installed in the wrong locations, the air conditioner will not perform to the best of its capability. If you purchase popular brands like Voltas, the company technicians will come to your place and do the installation for you.

Selecting the Right Places to Install Units

The best places to install both indoor and outdoor units are where their performance can be optimized to the maximum. Some of the convenient places where you can think of installing the units would be:

  • Ensure that the place you are installing the units is clean without any vegetation or leaves
  • Know the size of the air conditioner you are purchasing and think of places accordingly to install
  • Ensure that you have an idea where the drains are so that the water from the AC can easily flow out
  • Do not install the units behind door or furniture
  • Ensure that there is nothing blocking the passages where the AC will be installed

Appropriate Places to Install the Units

Many a times, we get confused on what type of AC would best suit your home. While choosing AC’s, you can avail discount coupons, by checking websites such as Here you can even compare prices, features of different brands and models and choose the one that best fits your budget.

In addition to the above, some of the best places to install your units would be:

  • The indoor unit for the bedroom should be place above your bed or towards the wall facing your feet
  • The indoor unit should be place approximately 7 – 10 feet above the floor
  • If the indoor unit is placed above a window, it should match with the window size

The outdoor unit, on the other hand can be placed:

  • It can be placed on the roof or terraces of the homes
  • Ensure that the outdoor unit is installed high above the indoor unit


No matter where you place the air conditioner units, they should be easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance purposes. The units should not be exposed to water or sunlight. Here you might need to build an enclosure for your outdoor units. Outdoor units make a lot of noise, so the enclosure should be strong enough to withhold the noises.