Does Your Business Have a Mobile App?

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Does your business have a mobile app yet? If it does not than now might be a good time to get one. Did you know that about 86 percent of the smartphone users time is spent in apps? If your business does not have an app then you are missing out on potential business. Not all business can benefit from having apps. If your business is not the app type of business than you should at least be sure that your website is mobile friendly. According to an article, a mobile friendly website lets your website’s content be displayed without error on a smaller screen such as a tablet or a smartphone. Don’t want to get involved with all this mobile website and app business? This might change your mind. Did you know that more people are viewing websites from their phones rather than their desktop computers? Convinced yet? Again, if you don’t have an app or at least a mobile friendly website than you are losing out on potential customers. Other reasons your business needs to have a mobile friendly website include: mobile friendly websites load faster, are easier to navigate, are easier to read, don’t contain flash, and have less scrolling. If you want your business to succeed and grow than you have to stay on top of the current technology trends. According to a business article, if you want your business to thrive than you need a mobile app as well as a mobile website. Apps link you to your customers because people can access you 24/7 on your mobile app. Other reasons contributing to you getting a mobile apps include: customer loyalty, greater control, and online visibility.

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